Welcome to In The River Auto Detail

We are a new company that wants to make the difference in the community. We pride ourselves on offering superior customer service to every customer that walks in .

Our new shop is located south of the Everett Mall and north of Lynnwood.

In The River Auto Detail we use biodegradable cleaning compounds and offer all kinds of auto detail packages for your personal and commercial vehicles.

We serve small, mid, large suv’s, trucks, mini vans, sedans and many other vehicles.

No matter how big or small your fleet is, we are here for the challenge!

We serve companies such us Clemens Motors, Corn motors and many local auto dealers north of Seattle. They trust us with our professionalism and willing to always go the extra mile to protect the image and the solid character of the future and present car owners.

Come and see us. We will show you with action.

In The River Auto Detail.

Protecting your car and the environment.